Special MG A's
Nice MGA  

This is probable the nicest picture of a mga

Nice mga
But that is just mine opinion.  
Forum Members  
Here you can see picture of the BBS forum members and there cars BBS Forum members
Famous people in a MGA  
Formel 1 Champion M Schumacher M Schumacher
And teammate Barricello Barricello
Meat loaf was it here that he got the insperiation for Paradise By The Dashboard Light Meat loaf
The MGA Hawk  
This is an mga 1500 brought by Bob Lester an car dealer in chicago.  
It has a Marschall-Nordec J 75 Supercharger fed by a singel 1 3/4 carburettor Rear view
The grill is from an 1956 studebaker and the car has a lot of period competition parts on it
The owner is Sam Philips  
Another MGA Hawk  
This picture was send by David Munro who lives in the U.S. Another MGA Hawk
He owend the car since 1961 and still drives the it.  
The 4 seater MGA  
This is probable the one and only 4 seater mga in the world 4 Seater MGA
Works Rally Car  
This is a 1600 MKII Deluxe Coupe GHD2-104429 with an 115BHP Front
engine and an 15 gallon tank.The boot is a little curved to fit the larger  
fuel tank.Owner is John Halfpenny Boot
MGA with 1950's Le Mans Look  
A rebuild of the 1950's mga's that raced at Le Mans Front
This is an mga with a Honda S2000 engine Engine
It has 4 modified disc brakes the 2 on the front are vented Front brakes
Owner is Pip Higham. Rear brakes
The MGA Buggy  
This is what they used to do with the mga's in the late 60's and early 70's Buggy
MGA Meshgrill  
MGA coupe with special fitted meshgrill belongs to Rod Myers. Meshgrill
The picture was taken in Houston Texas, now the car and it's owner are  
back in the UK  
Competition sports screen  
MGA with competition sports screen mady by Auster as an Comp.sports screen

optional extra for all mga roadster models.

Big Boys Toys Big boys toys
Bigger Boys Toys
Bigger Boys Toys
These pictures where send to me by John W. Harle Bigger Boys Toys 2
Mga Cartoon Mga Cartoon
Mga Cartoon  
See here wat a mga can do to you. Before
Mga Racer  
Mga racer with special fitted bonnet probable self made or an after market item. Mga Racer
Mga Cobra Mga Cobra
Mga Cobra with side-pipes and typical cobra air-inlet  
Another mga cobra  
This mga was for sale in germany in 2006 Mga Cobra
The front drivetrain is from a Jaguar and Front
the engine is a BMW 4 cylinder 2 Liter with a 4 speed gearbox Engine
Mga Corvette  
Mga with corvette air inlet and backlights. Mga Corvette
  Mga Corvette rear
Mga Coupe Mga Coupe
This is a 1959 mga coupe that was for sale on ebay  
Mga Toolkit  
An example of a very nice toolkit Mga Toolkit
SRX 210  
The famous srx 210 Srx 210
Mga in the snow on a postcard Postcard
Silverstone 22-23-24/07/2005  
Here some impressions of the weekend Part 1
  Part 2
  Part 3
  Part 4
  Part 5
  Part 6