This webpage is about the restoration of a MG A roadster with chassis number GHNL/74904. A 1600 MGA that was built in 1959 and for the first time on the road on the 4th of April in 1960.

I purchased the car in 1992 and started the restoration in the same year.

I chose for a frame-off restoration. After I dismantled the car to the bare chassis I started to weld the chassis and then galvanized the complete chassis.

The next step was to put the body back on the chassis and rebuild the complete body.

When the body was painted in primer I built the car back together.

When the windscreen and door-locks,grill and lights are adjusted I will remove everything and bring the body to the paintshop.

In got the engine back, new pistons new camshaft,new bearings,new head.

I also started with the seats, to put new leather on them.

Today 21 -07-2006 i got the engine back from the paintshop.
I start to put everything back together on the engine.